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My money

It's been so long why haven't I received my funds yet? You basically defrauded the group and deliberately said that the company was bankrupt and then refused to give me money?

I didn’t receive my fund

What I want to ask is what number has the money been withdrawn to? How long will it take before I receive your payment? I’ve sent emails I don’t know how many times and I haven’t received a response.
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About my fund

Has anyone received any funds raised in the past few days? He said he would transfer the funds on the 21st, but I still haven’t received it yet. I asked customer service and there was no response. Hi Nonono, Your funds are still being processed for transfer. Anticipate receipt of your funds soon. Your project is in queue no. 2128. The Fund Transfer team is now processing from queue no. 1462. Thank you! What I want to ask is what number has the money been withdrawn to? How long will it take be...


I want to know the particular button for withdrawal of funds. As I have tried, I could not find any on the app.. Thanks

Not getting suppirt

I keep sharing my project but not getting support

My funds

Please check with the finance department about my funds. I have not received them yet again, if azimo is not working please choose a different method of transfer so i can get my funds they are already so late! And if they are transferred then send me a receipt as they have not appeared in my bank account Hi Hasan raja tahir, We're very sorry about the transfer problem, also with out late respond. Let me take care of your transfer issues from now on. I just make an inquiry to our Finance Depa...

delete my project and account

Hello, may I know how to delete my project and account? Hi, Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team. Can you please send us your project link? Thank you. Sincerely, Joyjit Roy Hello, here is the link. Hi, Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team. We deleted your account. Thank you. Sincerely, Joyjit Roy Hi please is like to de...

How will my supporters support me

How will my 3 supporters support me on my funding before going to the world wide stage

Stop Project and Delete Account

How do I stop my current project and delete my account? Hello, Thank you for contacting The Airfunding Support Team. You can write to us from your registered email address and make the request. We will follow it up. Thank you very much for contacting us. We just stopped your project and deleted your account #14900567 Kindly check it. Thank you. Please delete my project Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support regarding your project:


我的專案項目從結束到現在已經過了24天我都還沒拿到任何錢,問你們客服得到的答案總是「我們即將轉移你的資金但我們還需要時間」,你們在網頁上就有說到在專案結束後的一兩週就會收到資金了!!現在更誇張的來了,我發Email 詢問客服我錢的進度以及要求一些事情,客服不僅沒做就算了甚至連我的Email 都不會回覆,這樣是不是有點誇張過頭了還是你們其實是在做詐騙的公司?我發了多少郵件都已經幾天了都沒有回覆?

How do i know if my ap p location was successful

Was my application successful

Stop and delete project

Hi how do I stop and delete the ongoing project?Kindly help me on this matter thank you~ Hi, Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team. We can close your project. But do you really want to close your project? Thank you. Sincerely, Joyjit Roy Yes ,please proceed thank you~ Hi, Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team. We closed your project. Thank you. Sincerely, Joyjit Roy I also want mine deleted Hi, Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team. Do you want to close...

I need to stop my fundraiser

Hello! Please help me, I need to stop this fundraiser, I do not have access to the bank information and cannot receive funds. I will launch a new one once I set up the correct information. Project HI, Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team. Do you want to close your project? Sincerely, Joyjit Roy Hello, thank you for replying. Yes I do. Bank information associated with the Paypal account is incorrect, any and all funds will not be received....

Account Deletion Process

How do I permanently delete this account of mine? Hi Anwita Roy, Your account has been removed from Airfunding. Thank you! Hello! This is Airfunding Support team. Thank you for your patience! We'd appreciate if you could answer this brief survey about the issue you reported to us. Your reply will help us to improve our service so we can offer our best support to as many users as possible. The survey will take only 1 minute to reply. Please click on this link to answer:

First step

How do I get to create a project? Thank you for contacting us, the Airfunding Support Team. Why don't you create a project with Airfunding and get support from family and friends to raise funds for your needs. Click here to check and start: You can use android app to start your fundraising if you have android device. You can refer to our guideline here: https://www.airfunding....

Requesting money ?

Hello 👋 I am Iraqi Christian ✝️ I need about 1500$ to create a New NGO Organization in Europe 🇪🇺 as soon as possible. I hope to get money from you The main goals and activities of our new NGO Organization is : 1- Requesting the rights of Iraqi Christians from EU 🇪🇺 and UN 2- Humanity and helping poor people 3- Reviving the ancient Mesopotamian civilization Note : My location / Erbil city - Iraq Best regards 🌹, Randy

why is my fund not be paid

it have be 24 days i have been in the queue for transfer process since on the 25th of last month my project ended on the 22th last months and every since than i am yet to see funds meant to pay for my mom brain cancer operation now she is dead because of you guys she needed an emergency operation and the only way to pay for it was the donation made we have no other money and at the end she dead yesteray even in her death her funds i still yet to be paid,,
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