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How to publish an Airfunding project?

Ready to start your crowdfunding via Airfunding? Here’s a quick guide to help you launch your project:


1. Login to your Airfunding account.

You may log in via your Google or personal email account. If you have previously registered via mobile number, click the link at the bottom. If you have previously registered via Facebook, you will need to request a temporary password by emailing us at


2. Go to the My Projects page.


3. Click the Create A New Project button.


4. Set the target amount you would like to achieve. Goals can start at $10 up to $30,000. If you’ve already hit your target amount, your Airfunding project can continue to receive donations until the end date of your project.


5. Set a date on the Deadline field. Deadlines are restricted to a minimum of 30 days up to one year after your creation date.


6. Choose the Category that fits your Airfunding project well. You can choose from Medical to Animal or select Other if your project does not fit any current categories. Choose the best one for your project and click Next.


7. Upload a cover picture for your Airfunding project by clicking the Select a Picture button. Make sure to choose a photo that fully describes what your project is all about. You can skip this step if you have no cover photo by clicking the Skip button at the bottom part of the screen.

We highly suggest to use the photo with a size of 683 px x 384 px.


8. Once you have uploaded a photo, click Next.

If the photo is not to your liking, you can delete it by clicking the Trash Can icon at the upper left corner of the image.


9. Write in the Title field a brief description that best says all about your Airfunding project. Titles are best when they are understandable and concise.


10. Draft your Story. To draft a successful crowdfunding story, start with a compelling introduction that connects personally to your audience and clearly states the challenge and your solution, using a specific example to illustrate the impact. Keep the narrative short, ending with a strong call to action.


11. When you’re satisfied with your story, click Confirm.


12. You will see a quick Project Preview of your Airfunding Project. (Note: Cover photos may not be loading yet, but do not worry, it will show up once you have completed the process.) If everything is in proper order, click Complete at the bottom part of the screen.


Congratulations! You’ve created a project! In the beginning, only people who have a link to your Airfunding project can support you. Share your project with more people to get more support!



Need to edit something with your newly created Airfunding project? Click here for a step-by-step guide.