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How to post updates on my Airfunding project?

We understand that new developments related to your project come over time, and people supporting your advocacy may be interested to know these. So, here's a step-by-step guide on how to provide updates on your project:


1. Login to your account.

You may log in via your Google or personal email account. If you have previously registered via mobile number, click the link at the bottom. If you have previously registered via Facebook, you will need to request a temporary password by emailing us at


2. Click My Projects.



3. Choose your ongoing project.


4. Click the Update Post button.



5. Start writing your update on the text field.



6. Attach a photo or video you want to include in your update. Use images where it is easy to convey about you and your project. We recommend images that are taken in a well-lit place!


7. Once you're done, click Post.


By updating your Airfunding project, existing supporters will know where their donations go; and encourage new donors to support your project. Remember to share your updates with family and friends after to continue raising more funds for your project!