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When will the collected funds be deposited?

 The amount of time for the deposit of your collected funds depends on varied factors:

・If you have completed the verification process, you will be able to receive the support amount, paid with cryptocurrency, directly in your wallet in real time.
・For the amount paid with fiat currency, in addition to completing the verification process, it will be necessary for your project to be finished. Typically, the collected funds are deposited into the selected wallet between 1 and 30 business days after the project ends.
・We recommend completing the verification process as soon as possible. If the verification process is not completed within 1 month after the end of the project, you may lose your right to receive the collected funds, and they will be distributed to other projects on the platform.

*Please note that in the event of issues with the account information, there is a possibility that the deposit process may take longer than intended. Additionally, the deposit time may vary depending on the financial institution governing the remittance method and other circumstances beyond our control. We appreciate your understanding.