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How to donate to an Airfunding project?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to donate to an Airfunding project in minutes!


1. Go to the Airfunding project page you would like to support.


2. Click the Support button at the top right portion of the project page.


3. Select the amount you would like to donate or input in the field your desired amount. Available denominations can be seen below. The currency is automatically set in US Dollars but has a converted amount in the currency set in your location.

In this example, the amount in US$ has automatically been converted to Philippine Peso if the donor is from the Philippines. This will be different depending on where the donor is located.


4. Airfunding does not require any registration fee from Project Owners to be able to create a crowdfunding project. On the other hand, each donation made by a supporter will have a 15% transaction fee that will help maintain our platform operations.


5. Leave a short message of encouragement to the Airfunding Project Owner in less than 200 characters.



6. If you want to remain anonymous, you can tick the “Support as an anonymous supporter” before proceeding.


7. Click Next.


8. Select the payment method you prefer - Crypto or Credit card - and click Next. (Note: Payment options will vary depending on the country where the project is located. To know more, click here.)


9. Finish the donation by providing the payment information needed.


If you have chosen to donate via Credit Card, fill up the necessary fields by providing the information on your credit card. Make sure to double-check that the information is written correctly before clicking Done.


You can check the "Use the same credit card next time" if you would like to save your card information on your Airfunding account to donate easily on the next project.


If you have chosen to donate via Crypto:

A. Click the Connect Wallet button.


B. Select the platform for your account.


C. Once your wallet has been successfully connected, click the Pay button to finalize the transaction.


D. Make sure your wallet has enough USDT tokens for the transaction to push through. Otherwise, you will need to load your wallet first before completing your donation.


10. Congratulations! You have supported an Airfunding Project! To continue helping the Project Owner, you can share the project link with your family and friends and invite them to donate too!


Easy right? So start donating today!


Having problems donating? Click here to learn more.