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How to change my email address on my Airfunding account?

To change your email address, follow the steps below: - Log in to your Airfunding account via the Airfunding mobile app. - Go to your profile page. - Click the Settings icons. - Select Edit Profile. - Input your new email address in the text field. - Click Save.

How to log back into my Airfunding account?

Follow the steps below to log back into your Airfunding account: 1. Visit 2. Select Start With Email. 3. Input in the field the registered email address on your account. 4. Check your email with another link to log in to your account. Make sure to copy and paste the link on the same browser where you logged in.

How to manage my Airfunding project as a team?

Here's a guide on how to manage your Airfunding project as a team: - From the MY PROJECT page, select the TEAM tab. - Click on the option RUN AS A TEAM. This will then activate the Team Function on your project. - To invite members to your team, click the INVITE TO YOUR TEAM button. - Input the email addresses of the people you want to invite and click SAVE. - They will receive an invitation to access Airfunding and join your team. They will be able to check the MY PROJECT page and share the pr...

My Airfunding project cannot be published. What to do?

You can send us the following information via email to and a Customer Support representative may help publish it for you: - Image to be used for your cover photo - Project story content - Image/s to be used on your project story - Preferred end date for your project - Preferred target amount - Project title

How do I start my Airfunding project story?

We encourage you to draft your story by answering the following questions: 1. How would you describe your project and goal briefly? 2. What is your name and what motivated you to start this project? 3. What problem or challenge are you addressing and what is your solution? 4. How will your project make a difference for yourself or others? Do you have any examples or stories to share? 5. How do you plan to use the funds and complete your project? Do you have a timeline or milestones? 6. How can ...

How to be eligible in the Airfunding Worldwide Stage?

Once you have received support from at least THREE (3) UNIQUE individuals, your project will then be queued in for review if eligible to be upgraded to the worldwide stage. Remember to share your project link with family and friends to help you raise more funds.

How to change the Residence Country set on my Airfunding account?

Here's a step-by-step guide to changing your Residence Country: 1. Log in to 2. Open the Menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. 3. Select Account Settings. 4. Change the Residence Country as desired. 5. Click Save.

How to get in touch with Airfunding?

Send us an email at

How to get more support for my Airfunding project?

Remember to share your project link with family and friends to help you raise more funds. Follow us on all our social media channels to get tips on how to reach your goals: - - - Thank you!

How to publish an Airfunding project?

Ready to start your crowdfunding via Airfunding? Here’s a quick guide to help you launch your project: 1. [Login]( your Airfunding account. You may log in via your Google or personal email account. If you have previously registered via mobile number, click the link at the bottom. If you have previously registered via Facebook, you will need to request a temporary password by emailing us at 2. Go to the [My Projects](https://www...

How to edit an Airfunding project?

Ooops! Did you accidentally save your Airfunding project without proofreading it? You still have a chance to edit it in these simple steps: 1. [Login]( your account. 2. Go to My Projects located at the upper right portion of the page. 3. Select the project you have just created. 4. Scroll down to the bottom part under Settings. 5. Click Edit beside Story to edit your project content. 6. When done, just click Save. Easy right? However, once your project has ...

How to post updates on my Airfunding project?

We understand that new developments related to your project come over time, and people supporting your advocacy may be interested to know these. So, here's a step-by-step guide on how to provide updates on your project: 1. [Login]( to your account. You may log in via your Google or personal email account. If you have previously registered via mobile number, click the link at the bottom. If you have previously registered via Facebook, you will need to request a temp...

Guide for crypto transfers in Airfunding

Introduction We're currently facing uncertain times, where cross-border fundraising is getting more challenging, and many regions worldwide don't have access to crowdfunding options. To address this issue, we've decided to bring blockchain technology to Airfunding, making the fundraising process accessible to anyone seeking support and those willing to contribute. Blockchain technology helps democratize crowdfunding by removing physical and financial barriers, enhancing safety, and increasing...

Can I use Airfunding in my country?

Currently, users can open a project in Airfunding, and receive donations paid with a credit card or cryptocurrency, only if residing in any of the countries below: - Argentina - Bangladesh - Brazil - Chile - Cameroon - Colombia - Costa Rica - Ecuador - Egypt - Ghana - Guatemala - Hong Kong - Indonesia - Israel - Mexico - Malaysia - Namibia - Nigeria - Nicaragua - Nepal - Panama - Peru - Philippines - Palestine, State of - Singapore - El Salvador - Thailand - Turkey - Taiwan, Province of China -...

How much does it cost to publish a project?

Publishing a project in Airfunding is free of cost. However, 5%* of the support amount collected via credit card payments will be charged to the project owner as various expenses (credit card settlement fee, transfer fee, etc.). This will be incurred when transferring the collected amount, as well as the receipt commission arranged by the project owner's bank. In the case of projects with crypto payments, there are minor fees when using the Polygon network, and if you use other exchanges or ser...

What kind of projects can be published?

It is possible to publish any kind of project, either for yourself or on behalf of another person. There are available 11 categories: - Medical - Family - Community - Disaster - Immigration - Education - Art - Business - Study abroad - Travel - Animals However, if the [terms]( and [policies]( of our service are breached, the publishing of a project will not be accepted.

How can I run a project?

You can directly create and publish your project in just 5 minutes, if you tap the link below: We recommend that you honestly and thoroughly describe the content of your project. Additionally, including relevant pictures will help others easily understand the reasons behind your fundraising efforts. You can write the content in the language you prefer and start sharing your project right after you publish it.

What is the process of running a project?

The process for starting a project is as written below: 1. Tap the [Start a project] button and create your project. 2. Share your project with close friends and relatives to be supported by 3 people or more. 3. If you are supported by 3 people, you will be notified to proceed with an identity verification. 4. Once the identity verification is completed, your project will be ranked on the Worldwide Stage 5. Also, after the verification process you will be able to directly receive the support am...

How to do the Personal Identification process?

We have a lot of inquiries regarding setting up your bank account on your Airfunding profile. So, here's a quick step-by-step guide to getting your identity verified: 1. [Log in]( to your Airfunding account. You may log in via your Google or personal email account. If you have previously registered via mobile number, click the link at the bottom. If you have previously registered via Facebook, you will need to request a temporary password by emailing us at support.a...

Can I choose the currency for a project?

If you are donating via the credit card option, the amounts shown will be in US dollars but will have a corresponding value in your local currency. If you are donating via crypto, we only accept USDT on the Polygon network for your support.

What are the necessary documents to complete the verification process?

To verify the identity of the project owner we require [Image of an official document containing identification and a portrait photo issued by a governmental body (e.g: passport)] and [A photo showing you and the official document together]. Also, to prevent fraud, we can ask for additional documents to confirm the validity of your proposed project. We here at Airfunding will do our best to use the documents handed to us safely in a way that prevents identity fraud and swindling of the project...

How can I register my crypto wallet information in my account?

To register your crypto wallet in your account, please go to the side menu and click on [Personal Identification]. After completing all the information related to your identity, please register your crypto wallet information. Please make sure that you complete both fields correctly (Bitcoin wallet and Polygon USDT wallet).

What happens if I register the wrong wallet address in my account?

Introducing the wrong wallet address into your account could result in the loss of rights to receive the collected funds. Therefore, please ensure that you enter the correct address. It's important to note that due to the irreversible nature of blockchain transactions, fund transfers cannot be refunded.

Can I receive my collected funds in fiat currency?

Currently, it's not possible to receive the collected funds in fiat currency. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For how long can I have my project ongoing?

Most of the projects in Airfunding are raising funds from 1 to 3 months. However, the project owner can decide the duration of the project. In case you need to change your project deadline, please contact the Airfunding support team and we will assist you.

Where are the Updates published?

Your update posts will be visible on your project page. In case your project is ranked up to the Worldwide Stage, your update posts will be visible on the Airfunding home page too!

What is the Team Function?

It is a function addressed to projects that are managed in the group (for instance, by a charity, community, sports team, music band, etc.). With the Team function, you can invite other people to join your project as a team, so they can share it, post updates, etc. The organizer of the project can check all the activities that other team members did on the project, like sharing and collecting support. This function is recommendable for projects that need to be managed by more than one person, ...

How do I send gratitude message to a supporter?

If you tap [Write gratitude message] of the supporter you want to send a message to, you can write your message. You can write a gratitude message as well if you go to Notifications and tap on the notification indicating that your project was supported.

When will the collected funds be deposited?

The amount of time for the deposit of your collected funds depends on varied factors: ・If you have completed the verification process, you will be able to receive the support amount, paid with cryptocurrency, directly in your wallet in real time. ・For the amount paid with fiat currency, in addition to completing the verification process, it will be necessary for your project to be finished. Typically, the collected funds are deposited into the selected wallet between 1 and 30 business days afte...

How can I receive the collected funds?

To be eligible to receive the collected funds it would be necessary for the project owner to complete all the fields requested in the menu Personal Identification in your Airfunding account and provide the necessary information depending on the remittance method whether requested on the platform or directly by any Airfunding staff through email.

What cryptocurrencies are available to receive the collected funds?

As of today, all funds collected via credit card payments will be delivered in Bitcoin, while the funds collected via cryptocurrency payments will be deposited in USDT (Polygon network).

What is the available transfer method for my country?

As of now, the only available transfer method for all users is via cryptocurrency. ・Funds collected via credit card payments will be transferred in Bitcoin ・Funds collected via cryptocurrency will be directly deposited in the user's wallet in USDT (Polygon network).

Can I receive my collected funds if my project hasn't finished yet?

It is not possible to receive the amount collected via credit card payments until a project is finished. However, if the verification process has been completed, the funds collected via cryptocurrency payments can be directly received in the user's wallet in real time, so it is not necessary to wait until the project is finished.

What happens if a project ends without meeting the goal?

We will proceed with delivering the funds collected, regardless of whether the goal has been met or not, if your project has reached the minimum amounts specified below: ・For funds collected through credit card payments, the minimum transfer amount is 10 USD. ・For funds collected through cryptocurrency payments, the minimum transfer amount is 5 USD.

Can I also receive the extra funds that exceed the goal set for my project?

Yes, you can. Even if the goal of a project is met before it ends, the project will continue until the intended end date. The project owner is entitled to receive all the collected funds, including the extra funds for a project once it ends.

Can I cancel a project once it has started?

You cannot cancel a project once it has started. However, in case you need to close your project beforehand, please contact us and we will assist you.

Do I need to give any special rewards to the supporters?

There is no need for rewards or returns. However, if you are supported, we recommend you [send a gratitude message]( to the supporter.

How can I close my account in the Airfunding Android app?

If you wish to close your account on the Airfunding Android app, please reach out to the Airfunding support team by selecting [Support] from the app menu. Our support team will assist you with your request promptly. You can also reach our support team via email at Please mention "Account Deletion Request" in the email subject line. Please be aware that once your account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Also, please note that it is not possible to delete an...

What happens if I delete my account when my project is still running?

You cannot delete your account when your project is running. Also, please refrain from deleting your account until you have received the complete transfer of your collected funds, or you might lose the right to receive the collected support.

What is an "On Hold payment"?

In Airfunding we take very seriously the safety of our users, so our fraud control team is checking all the credit card payments received in all Airfunding projects daily. If we judge that a payment is suspicious to be fraudulent, the payment is tagged as "On Hold" until it's reviewed. When this happens, you will receive a notification via email with all the details regarding that payment, and you won't be able to receive the transfer of that specific amount until the review is completed. Plea...