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I am experiencing errors in donating. What to do?

Are you experiencing some errors when donating to an Airfunding project? Here are some usual reasons why this is happening:

  1. You may have provided incorrect information in the text field. Make sure the name and number on the card you are using are written correctly before submitting.
  2. The card you are using may have been previously used for fraudulent transactions in Airfunding and other sites. You will need to check your account via the issuing bank of your card.
  3. Some issued bank cards (mostly debit cards) have limited use, especially on online transactions. It is recommended to call your bank to learn more about your account.

If any of the above reasons help, just clear your browser cache, and refresh the Airfunding project page you are trying to support.

Also, please be aware that not all projects in every country where Airfunding is available can accept donations via credit card payments. If you are unable to contribute using a credit card, please ensure that the project's country of origin can receive credit card donations. You can verify this by checking the list provided here:


If your attempt to donate via USDT (cryptocurrency) has failed, please review the following possible reasons for the error:

  1. You may not have a wallet. To support with USDT, you need a cryptocurrency wallet containing enough Polygon USDT to complete the transaction. If you require guidance in setting this up, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  2. You don't have enough Polygon USDT in your wallet. In this scenario, please follow Airfunding's suggestions provided on the payment screen to purchase Polygon USDT using a credit card, other cryptocurrency, or bridge it from other networks.
  3. You are not signing the transaction in your wallet. Please ensure that you are properly signing the transaction within your wallet. To simplify the process, we recommend opening the donation payment page directly from the in-app browser within your wallet.

For further concerns about donating, send us an email at