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my project?

safa jafari wrote
Apr 09, 2022
Hello dear sir
Please let me know, why reject my project in Iran?
My project is personal and private.and humanity.
And nothing to with Iranian government beings action.
I,m not poor, and I did not ask for help myself. Now! My God and my orphans and my moral commitment, we judge you.
I found many way to transfer money to Iran. Iranicard and wise. And master card.
If that was the excuse for rejection my project. I wish did you not accept from the beginning. I am sorry. I am not alone.god is with are happy with airfunding.
With respect:
Safaaldin faiz jafari. 🇹🇯🇹🇯
3 Answers
safa jafari wrote
Apr 09, 2022
Why.. Why accepted my project.?
agent Joyjit wrote
Apr 10, 2022
agent Joyjit wrote
Apr 10, 2022
Hi safa,

Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team.

We are not available in Iran. We are sorry.

Joyjit Roy

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