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What is the process of running a project?

 The process for starting a project is as written below:

1. Tap the [Start a project] button and create your project.
2. Share your project with close friends and relatives to be supported by 3 people or more.
3. If you are supported by 3 people, you will be notified to proceed with an identity verification.
4. Once the identity verification is completed, your project will be ranked on the Worldwide Stage
5. Also, after the verification process you will be able to directly receive the support amount paid in cryptocurrency directly to your wallet.
6. When your project ends, and if you have completed the verification process, we will send you the amount collected via credit card payments to your cryptocurrency wallet.

※The identity verification process consists of providing official documents to verify the identity of the user and the veracity of the project contents, as well as making a brief online video call if needed.