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Chardy Kayz wrote
Nov 13, 2021
Who can sponsor Us?

Hello brother and sister am providing basic necessities to an orphans, vulnerable children in foods, clothes, school needs mentorship from roots of Christianity let's join hands together
An orphans needs your help
May God bless you all
1 Answer
agent Joyjit wrote
Nov 14, 2021
Hi Chardy,

Thank you very much for your message! We appreciate your interest in Airfunding.

You can apply to Airfunding by creating your own project in just 5 minutes via Airfunding Website.
To learn more, please access to our Airfunding official page and take a look at the details on it.

How Airfunding works?

Crowdfunding enables users to collect financial supports from other people around the world by means of attaining your goal for whatever purposes such as medical fees, school funds, etc.
So Airfunding basically serves for you to gather financial supports from other people to suit your own purposes.

On Airfunding, if a project was supported more than 3 people (for example, your relatives and friends etc.) then that project will be public for users world-wide and can get their attentions to get more supports for your project.

We welcome your application and wish you would succeed to raise your funds! Thank you very much.

Joyjit Roy

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