How can we help?

How to donate to an Airfunding project?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to donate to an Airfunding project in minutes! 1. Go to the Airfunding project page you would like to support. 2. Click the Support button at the top right portion of the project page. 3. Select the amount you would like to donate or input in the field your desired amount. Available denominations can be seen below. The currency is automatically set in US Dollars but has a converted amount in the currency set in your location. In this example, the amount in ...

I am experiencing errors in donating. What to do?

Are you experiencing some errors when donating to an Airfunding project? Here are some usual reasons why this is happening: - You may have provided incorrect information in the text field. Make sure the name and number on the card you are using are written correctly before submitting. - The card you are using may have been previously used for fraudulent transactions in Airfunding and other sites. You will need to check your account via the issuing bank of your card. - Some issued bank cards (mo...

What are the options available to support?

Currently, support can be made via credit card or cryptocurrency. - For credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX are accepted - In the case of cryptocurrency, only USDT in the Polygon network is accepted as of now *Exceptionally, Online banking payment methods are available only in Indonesia.

Can I search for a project that is currently running?

At the moment you can't search for projects, but you can view all the Worldwide projects on the Airfunding home page and search for them by category.

Can I edit or delete my support comment?

You cannot edit or delete your support comments.

What is a project owner?

The project owner is the user who published the project. A project is published with the responsibility taken fully by the project owner. Also, all inquiries made from supporters regarding the project are managed fully by the project owner.

What does Identity verified mean?

Project owners must go through an identity verification process by presenting to Airfunding staff their identification documents. This mark means that the project owner has passed the identity verification process, and their project has been ranked into the Worldwide Stage. We at Airfunding are doing this to prevent any fraud or swindling from occurring, so that supporters can feel safe when they want to support a project.

What should I do if I do not want my identity to be known when I am supporting?

Tick the [Support as an anonymous] checkbox before you make your support. You will remain anonymous to other users except to the project owners themselves. However, please do note that the supporting amount and your support comment can still be viewed by others.

What is the currency used for the support?

If you are donating via the credit card option, the amounts shown will be in US dollars but will have a corresponding value in your local currency. Please direct your questions regarding paying in US dollars to the financial institution that issued your credit card. If you are donating via crypto, we only accept USDT on the Polygon network for your support. *Payments in local currency are available in Indonesia

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card transaction will be completed at the moment the transaction is made. Please direct any questions regarding the time in which you will be charged to the financial institution that issued your credit card.

Can I split my supports?

You cannot. All transactions can only be made in lump-sum payments.

Can I cancel my support?

Once a transaction is completed, no cancellation can be made.

Are transactions made for Airfunding safe?

Airfunding processes credit card transactions through a secure partnership with Stripe Inc., ensuring that no credit card details are stored on Airfunding’s servers. Stripe Inc. adheres to rigorous international standards for credit card security, offering you peace of mind when you choose to provide support. Furthermore, the inherent transparency of blockchain transactions allows for real-time tracking of your crypto contributions. You can conveniently monitor the movement of your funds using ...

What happens when a project receives more support than its intended goal?

The project owner will receive all the support collected for the project including the exceeding portion.

Who holds responsibility in running a project?

The project owner takes all responsibility. Airfunding takes no responsibility regarding the running of a project.

Are there transaction fees when I make a support?

There is a 15% fee applied to the amount paid. This fee is utilized to assist in managing the site, enhancing the platform, and enabling continued support for many users around the world.

Is it possible to ask for a receipt?

In case you need a receipt of your credit card payment, please contact our Support team and we will assist you. For cryptocurrency payments, it is not possible to provide a receipt. Thank you for your understanding.