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What is Airfunding?

Airfunding is a gathering place for people who need to raise funds to make a significant impact on others' lives, their own lives, or even a whole community.

Project owners can run a project on behalf of other people or for themselves, and be supported by relatives, friends, or even people they don't know.

All projects have their own funding goal and time limit.

A project can collect support if it is still within its time limit. A project will end after its time limit passes.

The amount collected for a project will be delivered regardless of whether the goal has been met or not.

Support in Airfunding can be paid via credit card or cryptocurrency. Amounts paid with cryptocurrency can be automatically delivered to the project owner's wallet if the identity verification process can be completed, which means that project owners can receive funds in real-time. 

The amounts paid with a credit card will be transferred to the project owner once the project is finished.

When a project is supported by 3 friends or more, the project will be published on the Worldwide Stage.

The Worldwide Stage is a ranked-up version of Airfunding where a project is visible to an international audience of people from more than 200 countries who are willing to give support to those who need it.

If your project is ranked on the Worldwide Stage, you will increase your success rate. That's why it is so important to begin receiving the support of 3 close people.