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Why is there not a 1$ option?

Since there are people who would love to support but even the 3$ is too big, I think there should be a minimum support of the least 1$ or a box where individuals can type in how much they are willing to support with. Thank you.

my project?

Hello dear sir Please let me know, why reject my project in Iran? My project is personal and private.and humanity. And nothing to with Iranian government beings action. I,m not poor, and I did not ask for help myself. Now! My God and my orphans and my moral commitment, we judge you. I found many way to transfer money to Iran. Iranicard and wise. And master card. If that was the excuse for rejection my project. I wish did you not accept from the beginning. I am sorry. I am not alone.god is with m...

How can i fund rasing for help poor people

How can i fund rasing for help poor people Hi MD.PARVEJ, Start a project with Airfunding and get support from family and friends to raise funds for your needs. Click here to start: airfunding.net/login Thank you! Sincerely, Airfunding Hello! This is Airfunding Team. Thank you for your patience! We'd appreciate it if you could answer this brief survey about the issue you reported to us. Your reply will help us to improve our service so we can offer our best support to as many users as possi...


Who can sponsor Us? Hello brother and sister am providing basic necessities to an orphans, vulnerable children in foods, clothes, school needs mentorship from roots of Christianity let's join hands together An orphans needs your help May God bless you all Thanks Hi Chardy, Thank you very much for your message! We appreciate your interest in Airfunding. You can apply to Airfunding by creating your own project in just 5 minutes via Airfunding Website. To learn more, please access to our Airfund...