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Chaldea Organization wrote
Jul 26, 2022
Hello 👋

I am Iraqi Christian ✝️

I need about 1500$ to create a New NGO Organization in Europe 🇪🇺 as soon as possible.

I hope to get money from you

The main goals and activities of our new NGO Organization is :

1- Requesting the rights of Iraqi Christians from EU 🇪🇺 and UN
2- Humanity and helping poor people
3- Reviving the ancient Mesopotamian civilization

Note :
My location / Erbil city - Iraq

Best regards 🌹,
3 Answers
agent Muna wrote
Jul 26, 2022
Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support.

Unfortunately based on our updated Policy, we no longer can serve any fundraising projects from your country: Iraq

Please refer to our FAQ (in English):

Thank you for your kind appreciation and trust in Airfunding!
Chaldea Organization wrote
Jul 26, 2022
Hello 👋
You can send money to Iraq via Master card or PayPal

My organization will hold the Case of the Iraqi Christians who are oppressed and we couldn't get our rights from Iraq

We hope to get our rights from EU 🇪🇺

In EU there is humanity

Note : I don't need money for myself .. I need money for creating this Organization which will be the way to getting our rights

Best regards 🌹,
agent Joyjit wrote
Jul 26, 2022
Hi Chaldea,

Thank you for contacting Airfunding Support Team.

We are sorry. We are not available in your country.

You can't create the project.

Joyjit Roy

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