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My funds

dilnasheen Haq wrote
Nov 09, 2021
Please check with the finance department about my funds. I have not received them yet again, if azimo is not working please choose a different method of transfer so i can get my funds they are already so late! And if they are transferred then send me a receipt as they have not appeared in my bank account
7 Answers
agent Muna wrote
Nov 12, 2021
Hi Hasan raja tahir,

We're very sorry about the transfer problem, also with out late respond.
Let me take care of your transfer issues from now on.

I just make an inquiry to our Finance Department to check about the transfer. I will get back to you asap after I got the information.
We will keep trying with Azimo, since it is the only method we can use to make direct transfer to Pakistan for now.

Please kindly wait. We're very sorry for all the inconvenience.

Nailil Muna
dilnasheen Haq wrote
Nov 12, 2021
Azimo has cash pick up option if that is available? I can opt for that!
dilnasheen Haq wrote
Nov 13, 2021
Hey nailil
Has your finance team responded? I m believing this is a problem from azimo as many people have been complaining that their funds are not beinf delivered through it
Chardy Kayz wrote
Nov 13, 2021
Hello brother and sister am providing basic necessities to an orphans, vulnerable children in foods, clothes, school needs mentorship from roots of Christianity let's join hands together
An orphans needs your help
May God bless you all
Albert Belizano wrote
Jul 29 (11 months ago)
thats alright sir maam im not in a hurry just take your time godbless you all i just want to see my funds dashboard
Issa Boureima wrote
Apr 29 (2 months ago)
Bsr madame et monsieur j'ai besoin d'aide pour nourrir ma famille,ont est dans pauvreté
agent ES - Support wrote
May 01 (2 months ago)
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